There’s Still Time For A Summer BBQ!

There is still have time to turn on that grill that's been sitting in your back yard all year and finally cook up some good grub for your friends. Pick up that phone and invite some friends over for a BBQ, Summer 2014 will be over before you know it. Get some fine meats, cheeses, fruits and chips. Set up the tables and chairs, clean that pool and order your apron. What better way to standout at your party by wearing complimenting stylish Flirty Aprons!

Look Great While You Grill

Imagine the sun still out, a handful of your friends are hanging out in the back yard by the pool and you’ve got the grill cooking up fine meats. What gives you the most excitement is the new apron you’re rocking that says, “BBQ King.” You don’t normally like to toot your own horn, but why not? It’s your party and you’re ROCKIN’ the grill! Your significant other couldn’t be more excited to be spending time with your friends as well. You look over at the table and she’s having the time of her life.

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