Wedding Gift Ideas

There’s a reason weddings are referred to as the “big day.” People invite everyone they know, eat delicious foods, and are the center of attention. With the words “I do” couples are joined together forever. Weddings are full of dancing, love, and tears of joy. They really are the most special day in a bride and groom’s lives.  Make sure your wedding gift doesn't disappoint.

wedding gift

Wedding Gift Ideas

  • Photo of venue and date. If you can find a picture of where the couple got married, this is a great idea. Write or type the date of the wedding and their last name and put it on the photograph.  You can either frame it or give it to them plain. Either way, it makes a beautiful decoration for their new home and when they see it they’ll remember what their special day was all about, thanks to your wedding gift idea.
  • Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases. You can either buy or make your own pillowcases that match the wedding colors, and have “Mr.” and “Mrs.” embroidered or transferred onto the fabric. They will make cute, practical gifts, and there won’t be any argument about whose pillow is whose!
  • Cleaning kit. Put together a kit of cleaning supplies for the bride and groom to use once they move into their new place. You can include window cleaner, kitchen cleaner, a sponge, a mop or broom, and even some paper towels. Chances are, nobody else will get them something like this, and they won’t have to use the tons of gift cards they get to buy them.
  • Personlized clock. If you can get one of their engagement pictures, you can make a clock out of it! Transfer one of their pictures onto a 8x8 wooden board. Attach clock parts and write on the numbers (or not) and you have a personalized clock. The bride and groom will love the personal touches and they will be able to use it in any room of their home with unique wedding gifts like this.
  • Date kit. Instead of getting the bride and groom something for their new home, plan and pay for a date night. You can get gift cards for dinner and a movie, get them an online movie subscription and a few bags of popcorn or candy, or you can pre-pay for another activity that they like to do together. This gift helps them to take a break from their daily lives and just relax doing something together.
  • Framed lyrics of their first dance song. If you are able to find out what song their first dance will be to, you can print off the lyrics and frame them. It’s a memorable gift and whenever they look at it, this wedding gift will remind them of that special moment on their wedding day.
  • Frame or photo album. People always take lots of pictures on their wedding day and then have nowhere to put them all! Get them a nice frame or a photo album so they can show off all of the pictures from their big day. Not only will the bride and groom love it, but so will guests to their new home.
  • Toolkit. When registering for gifts, people rarely remember to include essentials like tools. A toolkit is a great wedding gift idea for newlyweds because chances are, they will be getting a lot of things they have to put together and hang up in the next few months. Help make it easy for them with a kit that can help them set up their home.

If none of these wedding gift ideas seem right for the couple, or if you just don’t know them that well, you can always go with something off of their registry. You know they will love it because they’ve already picked it out. Gift cards are also a simple idea because they will allow the bride and groom to purchase the things they need that they didn’t receive at their wedding.  If you want to get them something informal or funny, you can do that as a bridal shower gift.

Always remember that the wedding day is their special day, and if there is anything you can do to make it better for the bride and groom, do it. Help them to have the perfect day and try to eliminate anything that may be a stressor. If there’s nothing else you can do, just have fun!