Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

We’ve all heard that love is all you need and that love makes the world go round. Valentine’s Day is all about love, romance, and being with your sweetheart. You may choose to have dinner at a fancy restaurant or a romantic evening at home, but either way, spending time with the one you love will make Valentine’s Day special and memorable.

Valentines Day gift

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

  • Packet of pre-planned dates. Plan 12 dates for you and your valentine for an adventerous Valentine's Day gift idea. They can include things like sledding and getting hot chocolate (include a picture of a hill, a mini sled ornament, and a packet of hot chocolate), going to your favorite restaurant (put in a menu and a gift-card), or a couple’s spa day (include a pre-paid couples massage certificate, a tea-light and matches, and a CD of soothing or favorite love songs). You can be as creative as you want. Just make sure the dates are all planned and put each month’s date in a sealed envelope to be opened the day of the date. This will show you’ve thought ahead and really put time and effort into making your loved one’s Valentine’s Day gift ideas.
  • Deck of 52 reasons I love you. String together a deck of cards and write one reason you love your sweetie on each, numbering them 1-52. They will have fun looking at each one and you’ll have fun thinking of all the reasons you love them with this Valentine's Day gift.
  • Scrambled message. Cut out a bunch of paper hearts or circles and write a message, one word on each. Flip them over and number them in order. Scramble them up and put them in an envelope or jar with chocolates. Your valentine will get to put them all in order and have fun trying to find each word of the message.
  • Jewelry. Every girl loves jewelry, both simple and elaborate. Charm bracelets with special meaning for each charm are very thoughtful and make a fun accessory to any outfit. This Valentine's Day gift doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, but girls like to feel beautiful. Pick something that will make her eyes stand out or a jewel that is her favorite color. She will have to say thank you!
  • Romantic dinner. Plan a romantic dinner at home. Prepare your sweetheart’s favorite meal complete with sides and courses. Use romantic lighting by dimming the lights or lighting candles. Play soft music in the background and get dressed up to show you want to make it a night to remember.
  • Coupon book. Create a book of coupons with romantic ideas for a fun Valentine's Day gift idea. You can have one for breakfast in bed, another for a massage, or one for a long walk together. Think of things your valentine likes and doesn’t get very often and include those ideas to make it special and something they’ll value.
  • Tandem bike ride. If you live somewhere warm, take your sweetie on a tandem bike ride. You’ll have fun learning to ride a bike again, and you can ride around town, your neighborhood, or somewhere new. It’s a good date idea and when planned ahead, a fun Valentine’s gift.
  • Framed places you love. Take old state maps and cut out the places that mean a lot to you: where you were both born, where you met, where you had your first date, or where you were married. Cut them into heart shapes and frame them. It’s a thoughtful gesture and will remind your valentine of the places you’ve been and how far you’ve come.

Make your Valentine’s Day gift giving special this year and one you’ll both remember for years to come. Remember the most important thing is to show how much you love your sweetheart through both your actions and by telling them. Everyone likes hearing "I love you."

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