Gift Ideas for Women

Mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, and aunts. There are lots of special women in our lives, and finding the perfect gift for them all can be difficult. You want something that shows you appreciate them, love them, and want to make them happy. At the same time, the gift has to be personal and something they’ll be able to enjoy for a long time.

gift ideas for women

Women Gift Ideas

Shopping for women can be difficult, at all stages of their lives. Fortunately, we have ideas for each stage a woman goes through. Instead of a Barbie, flowers, or another gift card, try one of these suggestions and watch her face light up when she opens her present.

For a baby girl

  • Bib. Babies are messy, and it can be frustrating to change your baby’s clothes every time they eat. A cute, girly bib is a great gift for a baby (and her mother). They’ll look cute while eating and they won’t go through so many outfits in one day.
  • Flower headband. Every little girl looks cute with a big flower headband on her head. Get her a crocheted or handmade one, or buy one from a baby store. Flower headbands are very popular, and the gift will be appreciated every time it’s worn.

For a little girl

  • Paper dolls. Paper dolls may not be as popular as they once were, but they can still provide hours of fun and entertainment for little girls. You can either make them or find them in a store. Either way, your little girl will love learning how to put together outfits.
  • Pretend fruits and vegetables. Crocheted, plastic, or rubber. Play food comes in all shapes and materials. Pretend fruits and vegetables are a good gift for a little girl because it can help them enjoy healthy food.  They will love pretending to eat and cook with them, and their mom will love watching them eat the real thing at dinner!

For a teenage girl

  • Movie poster. Teenage girls love movies. So why not get them a big poster of their favorite movie to display in their room? Whether it’s an old movie or the latest blockbuster, they will love having a big poster to hang up in their bedroom.
  • Bleach pen scarf. Have you ever heard of writing on clothes with a bleach pen? Get a scarf in her favorite color and write the lyrics to her favorite song on it using a bleach pen. She will love the personal touch and will want to show it off to all her friends.

For a college-age girl

  • Tool kit. Going off to college can be a scary thing, and one thing that most girls don’t think to bring is a toolkit. It will come in handy more than once, and she’ll be able to keep adding to it throughout her life.
  • Journal. A new, personalized journal can be a great gift for a girl going off to college. She will be able to write about the new chapter in her life, and remember the lessons she learns years later.

For a single woman

  • Cookbook. It can be hard to eat healthy when you are living on your own. A cookbook full of recipes “for one or two” can be very useful and delicious. She will be able to whip up delicious, healthy meals without having tons of leftovers. It’s a great, practical gift for any single woman.
  • Subscription to online movie service. It seems like video rental stores are a thing of the past, but we still all want to watch movies without buying them. Get her a few months’ subscription to an online movie service so she can see the movies she missed in theaters and watch movies her friends are all talking about.

For a wife

  • Gift of time. Make a paper (or real) clock and write a note telling her you are giving her the gift of your time. You can give her any number of hours and she can give you any task or activity to fill that time. She’ll love this gift because she can have you do the things she hates to do, and she’ll enjoy being able to spend time with you.
  • A date calendar. Make or buy a calendar for the upcoming year, and attach date ideas to each month.  You can include 2 movie tickets for one month, a restaurant gift card to another, and a spa certificate to a third. She will know you put thought into the gift and will enjoy it for a whole year!

For a mom

  • The day off. Moms get busy, whether they stay at home or go to work. Life can be stressful with a house full of children, so give her a day off. She can have peace and quiet, or go out and do something with her friends. Whatever she chooses, she’ll be able to rest and rejuvenate so she can come back feeling refreshed and ready to go.
  • Wreath. There are so many variations of do-it-yourself wreaths online, and moms always love getting homemade gifts from their children.

For a grandmother

  • Microwave heating bags. Fill a small cloth bag with rice, beans, corn, oatmeal, or seeds and sew up one of the ends. Just a quick minute in the microwave and you’ve got a homemade heating pad. This works great for grandmas who have aching muscles and don’t want to bother with an electric heating pad.
  • Handprint pictures. Have all the grandchildren help make a picture using paint and their handprints. Grandmas love to display their grandchildren’s artwork, and you can do different designs (a tree, a flower) or just put them all in a row with names underneath. Either way, your grandma will love the special thought and love that was behind this gift idea.

Getting a gift for a woman doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you remember that as long as you put thought and love into it, she will be grateful you got her something. Help make the special girl or woman in your life feel like you care. Remember to tell them you love and care about them, and never let them forget it.

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