Toddler's Bibs

Flirty Aprons has created a sensationally fashionable and functional line of plastic lined toddler bibs that look great and work like a charm - they're called Flirty Bibs. These toddlers bibs are big enough & lined to prevent stains. They are functional, and they are adorably cute bibs.

Toddler Bibs, Built Tough!

Is your toddler messy? Have you been looking for something to cover his/her clothes so you don’t have to pull their shirt off every time they eat a meal. Now you can protect your toddler’s clothes with the large and absorbent toddlers bib. Each toddler bib measures 14? x 24”. The bib is large enough to cover the shoulders, chest, waist, and upper legs of infants and toddlers. Once you try a Flirty Bibs toddler bib it is the only bib you will want to use on your toddler

Snacks and Meals

Toddlers love to make messes during snack time and at meals. Having a protective toddlers bib on –hand can relieve a lot of stress in public and at home. It’s a lot easier to snap on your toddlers bib than to take their shirt off and it can help them to learn when it’s time to eat!

Easy to Use & Adjustable

This toddler bib is easy to use with no Velcro to get caught up in fine baby hair! Each toddlers bib utilizes 3 snap positions, making each toddler bib adjustable. This also allows our toddlers bib to grow with your child. Your toddler will love this baby bib. And moms love it too.

Durable & Cute

Our toddlers bib is sewn with strong, precise stitching. There are a variety of colors, prints, and trims available for your toddler bib. Our toddler bibs are perfect for toddlers and infants.

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