Cute Bibs

Cute bibs for your child or precious newborn are a fun way to keep them clean.  You need to keep your little one’s clothes looking good, so why not make his or her playtime more fun with one of our cute bib designs. Cute bibs are great for a first birthday party or a baby’s baptism. They can be very affordable personalized gifts which look great long after your special event is over.

Cute Bibs
Outfit your favorite little one with a cute baby bib made especially for her or him. The cute bib will protect your child’s clothes, keeping her or him happy and they will also help you remember those special occasions.

Babies Bib
Gifts of matching bibs, burp cloths and clothing make wonderful baby gifts. Baby gifts that reflect mom or dad’s favorite hobby or profession are always very popular. Here are some ideas for personalized kids bibs.

  • Camouflage baby bibs are super gifts for military babies or for babies whose daddy is into hunting.
  • Coordinate the gift with baby’s nursery theme. Example: Flower pattern bibs for a baby with a floral nursery theme.

Embroidered Baby Bibs
That homemade touch is hard to beat when it comes to gift ideas. An embroidered baby bib is perhaps one of the more easy items to embroider. Here are some ideas for embroidering cute bibs:

  • Draw baby’s name across the front of the bib and embroider it with a simple stem stitch.
  • Embroider a single tiny ladybug, teddy bear or yellow ducky in a corner.

cute bibs