Baby Bibs

The half sleeved baby bib solves two common mealtime problems. First, it covers baby’s arms, so the sleeves of baby’s shirt don’t end up covered in mashed carrots. Second, the fabric layered front helps keep food from rolling down into baby’s lap, while the nylon backing means that liquid won’t soak through onto baby’s shirt. This baby’s bib is really well thought out and is perfect for babies who are learning to feed themselves.

Babies bibs are easy to care for and easy to tuck into a diaper bag for meals on the road. With a cool, designer fabric on one side and a plastic lining on the other, your baby will have extra protection against messes and he/she will look fashionable. The cotton texture of the front will help catch more food and spills, too.

If you prefer a simple cloth babies bib with a snap closure, Flirty Bibs are a great choice. Flirty Bibs come in several fun funky fabrics, and they have enough fabric to catch spills. An extra absorbing layer in the middle is helpful if your baby is a drooler. Having a machine washable baby bib is very important

It’s important to have a baby bib made from a soft fabric that kids like and to also have a waterproof layer underneath to avoid water and other liquids soaking through to your toddler or infant’s clothes. Flirty Aprons babies bibs have a soft, lightweight fabric that is truly unique! Bibs come in a variety of fun, lively patterns that stay bright, wash after wash! Clean up has never been easier, children's bibs wipe clean, rinse off easily, and resist most stains and odors.

babies bibs