Girl's Apron SADIE Strawberry Shortcake



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Our New Sadie line of aprons are perfect for that sweet little person in your life anxious to help around the house and ready to have fun with the adults. Each Sadie Girl's apron has a matching Adult apron style. They are built with more material and are a larger size to fit ages 5 to 14. Each has a very cute dress-like style. All aprons come with ties in the back and neck to make them one-size-fits-all. Your little one will love wearing her childrens apron and you'll love keeping her and her clothes neat and clean.

Sadie Apron Features:

  • Sized to fit ages 5 to 10
  • Ties in the back and neck for one-size-fits-all
  • Single-layered thick quality 100% cotton
  • Ruffled bottom makes sitting and moving easy
  • Left-hand pocket sewn in
  • Designed to fit comfortably for active kids

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Helping Mommy

Helping Mommy is Fun

While wearing these adorable kid's aprons, little girls are so excited to help with housework, assist with dinner or sit down at the craft table. Girls will love putting on their darling new apron and going about their daily tasks and you'll love their new apron for keeping them neat and clean.

Customer Reviews

"The apron is so cute, not the best quality material, but cute. My only problem with this purchase is that when I got it out of my mailbox, the mail company had squished it into the mailbox, so in turn, the box that the apron was in, was broken and torn, so it looked like I had bought it from some discount dollar store. It really made me mad. I don't think you should use the US mail, use Fed Ex or something." - Liz

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