Skinny Jeans

June 9, 2013

As we head in a new fashion season, skinny jeans are proving to maintain their trendiness.  Not only are they still popular but, the fashion world is finding more ways to extend the life of their 15 minutes of fashion fame.  More and more stores are starting to carry a variety of skinny jeans. People everywhere love them cause they’re inexpensive and stylish.  They proved trendy last year but, this year they’re becoming a must-have for the summer fashion season.

Don’t let the “skinny jeans” name mislead you.  Do you have to be tiny to wear skinny jeans? No! Totally not, and the term is somewhat unfortunate.  The term “skinny” in skinny jeans is more likely associated with their cut, not their size.  More traditional jeans are usually wide cut or boot cut.  Skinny jeans are tight all through the leg, including narrow at the ankle.  The cut/leg opening is “skinny.”  Hence, the name.

Beautiful women of the world should celebrate their figure, no matter what it is.  Skinny jeans can help you accentuate your figure, whatever it may be.  If you don’t like them for fashion, maybe try them around the house for their ease of wear.  A pair of skinny jeans and a woman’s apron from Flirty Aprons makes for a cute day around the house.  Should you find yourself rockin’ skinny jeans for the world to see, it is often cute to use a low heel or pair of flats.  Whatever your fashion sense may be, comment below and let us know what fashion you think will be trending this summer.

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