Safe College Football Tailgating

September 23, 2012

Football games are probably one of the most common things that people in the United States have in common. This is the reason why tailgate parties are also popular among those who enjoyed attending football games. Tailgate parties are such a great fun to have especially when it has something to do with college football.

Football tailgating is not the same without great food. With amazing food to share among friends who are rooting for the same team it’s always an enjoyable event. When food preparation is involved, it is always important to remember that things can be a little messy if you are the ones doing the preparation and the cooking. So you should always have your apron on to avoid those messy stains.

Grilling food and tailgating go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. But with all the excitement grilling and chilling can cause some dangers. It is important that you don’t let any accident ruin the celebration. Here are some tips to observe while at your next tailgating event.

  1. Don’t leave the grill unattended. A lot of exciting things happen during tailgate parties. If you have to leave the grill for a long period, turn it off.
  2. Ensure proper food safety. Check the internal temperature of your burgers before serving, and make sure to always wash your hands after handling raw foods.
  3. Clean your hands before eating. Our mothers always remind us of this and there are reasons why.
  4. Always have your apron on when grilling. You can never tell when an accidental spill might ruin your game day cloths.

You can find other useful tips on how to make sure your tailgate party goes off without a hitch. Always have safety in mind and remember to have fun!

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  1. You know, these are some great safety tips. Sometimes in the midst of all the fun and excitement you forget to take time and think about just how easily a spill or giant fire could ruin the day! I’m having a huge football blowout this weekend with all my coworkers and friends at DISH, and these precautions are great to keep in mind! I’m going to turn our giant basement room into the ultimate football headquarters, but safety MUST come first! With my Hopper, I have three TVs hooked up, one to each tuner, that will allow us to watch three different games at the same time in full HD! There’s also a play-room down there, so all us parents can keep an eye on our kids.

    Comment by Parker — September 25, 2012 @ 6:47 am

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