Quick Hairstyles, Lasting Beauty

June 2, 2013

We all strive to keep our hair looking healthy and stylish. There are so many ever-changing hairstyles that sometimes it is hard to keep up with the trends. Especially for those of us that are busy moms and short-on-time business women. Here are some fairly casual styles that are quick, easy and timeless.

Tied in Knots

When you want to appear elegant, top knots are often brilliant. Formal or casual, this look works well for all. Top knots are easy and also quick to do, with a striking overall effect. Clip in hair extensions can give you extra length if you need a little extra fullness to accomplish this look.

Braiding Away

Braids are timeless and feminine. Take a classic braid and start on the side for a little extra style without taking up a lot of time. If you need a real quick fix, you can never go wrong with braiding your hair into a traditional ponytail.

Half and Half Style

Half up and half down hairstyles look fantastic. A soft touch can be achieved by placing a few strands around your face. Half and half styles are perfect for any occasion, formal or casual.

What’s your favorite quick hairdo secret?

Perfect gift ideas

June 1, 2013

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the baker and sweet maker in your life, a Flirty Apron is a fun option, and affordable too!  There’s no need to break the bank when wanting to get your special someone a little something to show your appreciation.

In addition to Flirty Aprons being fashionable, they are super functional.  Make house or yard work that much more fun with the family by choosing from our variety of aprons for women, children, and the man of the house.  With our double layer, heavy-duty material, our aprons are made to last.  And our waist ties are designed to fit today’s woman, whatever your figure may be.  Once you’ve given your Flirty Apron a good round of usage, it’s simple to throw in the wash and be ready to wear again in no time.

We offer dozens of styles, prints and patterns for our women’s and kid’s aprons, and select funny styles for men.  Once you enjoy our universal fit design and experience our comfortable, universal fit designs, you’ll fall in love.  Our family aprons’ durability will help resist spills, splashes and kitchen messes.  And, should you have a little too much fun mess-making, Flirty Aprons are easily washable.  So, what are you waiting for?  Gather the family and get to some old-fashioned fun at home with crafts, cooking, our outside work in your durable Flirty Apron.

Fun summer hair style ideas

May 24, 2013

Summer is almost full-steam for most of us.  It’s the time of year when we box up the sweaters and break out the more “Flirty” looks  We’ll be talking a lot about summer fashion but, what about summer hair styles for women?  What looks in style for this year?  Here are some fun, classic hairdo ideas.

  • Messy Pony – If you’ve got shoulder-length hair or longer, try the messy pony this summer.  Start by pulling hair into a high braid. Next, jiggle out some of the hair to make a soft, outline around your face.  Enhance the look with a bit of hairspray if you want to add a bit of style.  Just that simple approach is all it takes and you’re ready for a casual day with a quick and easy look.
  • Work/Workout Braids – When you’re a busy woman or hit the gym regularly, you can find your hair in your face a little too frequently.  Buns can get a little tiresome.  How about a low-key effort with big style, a braid with a hair wrap.    This nice spin on a classic look is done by pulling your hair back with a rubber band.  Take a piece of the hair from the bottom and pull it from the elastic.  Twist your hair to wrap it around the base of your ponytail so that it covers your elastic.  Then, pin it with a bobby pin.  Shazaam.  Easy but, unique style.
  • Braided Pigtails – Pigtails are a look that’s been around for a while but, always has an appeal.  This easy style is great when accompanies by other accessories like a nice hat or statement earrings.  Simply part your hair down the middle and separate the left from the right.  Braid each side separately.  After that, just use a tie, bow, or other holding accessory and you’re as cute as can be.
  • Side Bun – Ok, ok.  Even though we said buns can get tiresome, it doesn’t mean that they still don’t look awesome sometimes.  Plus, they’re easy!  Aside from the cuteness of a bun, there’s some functional benefits too.  Buns usually don’t pull on the scalp excessively or leave marks from bobby pins or hair ties.  To pull off a nice bun, pull your hair until it’s tight and wrap it around itself as you stack the rolls as it wraps.  You can wrap your hair in a different direction on some days over others to mix it up a bit.  Once you have your rolled hair positioned where you’d like it, pin it with a bobby pin a few times over.

There you have it.  No need for expensive hair styles.  Summer calls for relaxed and casual looks.  Enjoy the warm weather, and we look forward to seeing pics of your cute hair this summer in your favorite Flirty Apron.

“colossal jewelry” and statement necklaces

May 13, 2013

Colossal jewelry can be worn as a daring statement or simply to complement an outfit. It’s all based on how you wear it. Whether you’re an all-time fashionista or just trying to develop your closet, this information will help you pull off big necklaces both stylishly and sophisticated.

You could wear a lively, smooth necklace with neutral colors. If you really want to make an impression try an abstract, 3-D design in cherry to compliment a simple black dress and tights.  Or you could try a thick turquoise necklace along with a white peasant chemise on top of denims. Your outfit could be relaxed and simple, but a statement necklace will help to wear it up and draw attention to your superb fashion sense.

Don’t try to wear more than one big necklace at once. Too much looks excessive.  Moreover, do not pair a big necklace with a scarf or any other selection of neck wear. You want to make a statement, but over accessorizing is never in good taste.

Big necklaces should better be worn with high-cut, low-collared shirts and jackets. If not there will be an inch or two of space along the bottom of your necklace and the upper of your top.

Easy makeup ideas

May 2, 2013

There’s no such thing as a magic wand that can take your appearance from not to hot. But don’t worry, that glamorous red carpet makeup look you’ve always wanted can be had in with a few easy tricks.

Make up tricks can help to improve your appeal and gorgeousness to your looks. Lipsticks, eyeliners, blushers, mascara, eye shadows, all help to enrich your guise. These tricks are a precise and keen means to improve your of use cosmetics. When we’re done, you’ll shine like a star.

Below are some of our makeup tips and secrets:

  • Find your right shade – When you pick a shade of lipstick, you usually swipe it on the back of your hand to see if it matches your skin. A healthier approach to trial the lipstick is to test it on your fingertip. Grip the shade next to your face to get how it looks. Your finger is a perfect instrument, since its color is comparable to the texture of your lips.
  • Lip Exfoliation – For an attractive finishing, gently run a toothbrush over your lips to exfoliate dry skin, cleanse with a damp washcloth. After exfoliation, lipstick will move on smoothly, and last without cracking
  • Getting your lipstick to stay on longer – Would you like your lipstick to stay on over lunch?  Here is an  easy trick. Put on a coat of lipstick, then press your lips gently with a single tissue. Powder it lightly with a brush. This adds a barrier between the lipstick and what could contact it. Helping it to last for hours.
  • Plump it up – To add the ultimate touch spot the middle of your lower lip with a bit of glitter lip gloss. This subtle sparkle is the perfect way to give an impression of fullness. Conversely, many say to not outline your lips with glitter.  That is, of course, unless you’re going for the top 40 popstar look.
  • Avoid blurring you liner – Put on liner with a pencil or a tiny brush. Now trace over the liner with a similar powder shadow. To give a long-lasting effect, wet your shadow brush with Visine.
  • Magnifying your eyes – By far the best way to make your eyes pop is by making those eyelashes stand out.  Pace a lash curler at the roots of the lashes and gently lane it out to the tips. Press while you do it.
  • Concealing strategically – Showing up with too much concealer appears peculiar. Less is more, ladies. Try to use only when (and that’s not as much as you might think).
  • Luminous face – Everyone’s face has a bad day. Unfortunately it can happen more than not. To get that face to smile back in the mirror try to dim focal spots like below your lips and inner corner of your eyes. Try some shimmery white eye shadow, to draw attention elsewhere.
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