Women’s Mistletoe Apron

December 5, 2013

Mistletoe is popular around the holidays and so is this Women’s Mistletoe Apron.  It is fashioned in a festive green with snow white polka-dots.  There is a solid green pocket with a polka-dot bow, and three layers of ruffles with crisp red trimming give the perfect amount of holiday cheer. Keep clean (and festive!) while cooking and baking Christmas cookies and goodies this holiday with this Christmas themed apron.  Only available for a limited time!

mistle toe apron

Women’s Deck-the-Halls Apron

November 26, 2013

Deck the Halls of your home in this holiday apron featuring a candy apple red with large white polka-dots and kelly green trim along the edges.  The three tiered ruffles along the bottom alternate between the polka-dot pattern and a solid red fabric, touched up with a green edging adding just the right amount of holiday spirit.

Additionally, there are two green buttons fastened to the top below the necktie, and a red pocket with polka-dot bow for the perfect finishing touch.  Show off your Christmas spirit in this apron while hosting holiday parties and events.  Only available for a limited time!

deck the halls apron

Affordable Fashions for Mom

November 16, 2013

Moms rock. Sometimes it feels like Groundhogs day when you get in your routine of taking care of the little ones and cleaning up after dad. But when you do get some “me time,” who doesn’t love fashion? You might not feel like spending a fortune on it anymore, but affordable mom clothes are available. You just have to know where to look.

The first trick of affordable fashion for mom is resale or thrift shops. Most every town has a store that sells used clothing and accessories. These are great places to pick up some really neat fashion pieces at affordable prices that will keep you on trend without breaking the bank. Checking out the local thrift shop is exciting too. With so many items to look through, patience can reveal a buried treasure on the clothing racks.

Another trick is a discount fashion store, like Ross or TJ Maxx. You have probably seen these advertised as selling the latest fashions at mark-down prices. If you have one of these stores nearby, they are a good resource to allow you to add affordable fashion to your wardrobe. While the prices are slightly higher than a thrift shop, you can often find more name brand items. Plus, they’re unused and ready to rock.

An affordable way to add fashion to an outfit you already have is to add a scarf. One scarf can dress up a plain outfit in seconds, taking it from last season to current in minutes. Since boots are the in thing, if you spend money on one pair of good boots you’ll have a fashion accessory that you can tie into multiple wardrobe variations, all without breaking the bank.

We all know, “if momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” With a quick trip to a discount fashion store, you’ll be looking good and feeling good. And that makes for a happy household. Go treat yourself. You deserve it.

Simple Foods Make For Simple Pleasures

October 27, 2013

If you’ve had a long day, sometimes the simplest foods make for the best comforts. That’s why quick meals are some of our favorites.

Cooking on a budget with simple meals is also a big consideration during these economic times. However, we should neither compromise the taste of the food nor the fact that we need to eat healthy. How do you balance it all? Let’s take a look at a few quick ideas.


Noodles are inexpensive and easy to prepare. As a powerhouse of carbs, noodles also give you a considerable amount of energy. Freshen up your favorite noodles by adding sauteed zucchini and some sun-dried tomatoes to give the meal a whole new taste


It is important to consider some protein in a meal. Low-calorie fish dressed with some red pepper works well. Do you like chicken? Topping off a chicken breast with some glazed pecans and adding some mango juice proves to be another irresistible meal that won’t break the bank. Roasting some pork with some sliced apples gives an aromatic taste to the meat. Preparation of this meal is very easy and the fact that the impressive flavor brought about by simmered apples gives us a good reason to try it out.

Another fish favorite is salmon and fruit salsa. When mixed with a little vinegar, fresh raspberries and roasted peaches with salmon give us yet another mouth-watering meal.

One of the best things about these easy and healthy meals is that they take just 10 to 15 minutes to prepare. Break out your favorite Flirty Apron and whip together some yummy and simple comfort food! Enjoy.

Scarves – Simple and Functional

October 4, 2013

A scarf is one cool item every woman should possess. A tastefully designed scarf greatly enhances beauty, especially when you get into matching it with your wardrobe. Other than beauty, the best thing about a scarf is its ability to keep you warm. When you’re ready to rock a scarf and add one to your wardrobe, a few important items to consider are material and price.

Scarves are not created the same; some scarf materials are heavier than others are. A heavier scarf is ideal when it is bitterly cold. However, for a night on the town, a lighter scarf is better for easier movement during conversation. Having a mix of light and heavy scarves in your wardrobe is the best way of keeping yourself warm depending on the severity of the weather.

Another reason why scarves are so cool is their price. Considering their benefits of heat and fashion, they are staggeringly affordable. Let’s be honest, not many items in a woman’s wardrobe are as cheap as a scarf and yet it keeps you warm and glowing with beauty. Therefore, if you feel you need something to keep you warm during cold, add a scarf to your wardrobe. The item does not cost much yet they are invaluable during these ever-cold winter streaks. Moreover, because we all want to look and feel beautiful, a scarf is one item that will enhance beauty while serving the primary purpose of protecting us from the elements.

It is true that we do not buy things solely because they are cheap, but all of the functionality that scarves provide too is definitely and added bonus.

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