Fun summer hair style ideas

May 24, 2013

Summer is almost full-steam for most of us.  It’s the time of year when we box up the sweaters and break out the more “Flirty” looks  We’ll be talking a lot about summer fashion but, what about fun summer hairstyles for women?  What looks in style for this year?  Here are some fun, classic Summer hairstyle ideas.

  • Messy Pony – If you’ve got shoulder-length hair or longer, try the messy pony this summer.  Start by pulling hair into a high braid. Next, jiggle out some of the hair to make a soft, outline around your face.  Enhance the look with a bit of hairspray if you want to add a bit of style.  Just that simple approach is all it takes and you’re ready for a casual day with a quick and easy look.
  • Work/Workout Braids – When you’re a busy woman or hit the gym regularly, you can find your hair in your face a little too frequently.  Buns can get a little tiresome.  How about a low-key effort with big style, a braid with a hair wrap.    This nice spin on a classic look is done by pulling your hair back with a rubber band.  Take a piece of the hair from the bottom and pull it from the elastic.  Twist your hair to wrap it around the base of your ponytail so that it covers your elastic.  Then, pin it with a bobby pin.  Shazaam.  Easy but, unique style.
  • Braided Pigtails – Pigtails are a look that’s been around for a while but, always has an appeal.  This easy style is great when accompanies by other accessories like a nice hat or statement earrings.  Simply part your hair down the middle and separate the left from the right.  Braid each side separately.  After that, just use a tie, bow, or other holding accessory and you’re as cute as can be.
  • Side Bun – Ok, ok.  Even though we said buns can get tiresome, it doesn’t mean that they still don’t look awesome sometimes.  Plus, they’re easy!  Aside from the cuteness of a bun, there’s some functional benefits too.  Buns usually don’t pull on the scalp excessively or leave marks from bobby pins or hair ties.  To pull off a nice bun, pull your hair until it’s tight and wrap it around itself as you stack the rolls as it wraps.  You can wrap your hair in a different direction on some days over others to mix it up a bit.  Once you have your rolled hair positioned where you’d like it, pin it with a bobby pin a few times over.

There you have it.  No need for expensive hair styles.  Summer calls for relaxed and casual looks.  Enjoy the warm weather, and we look forward to seeing pics of your cute hair this summer in your favorite Flirty Apron.

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