Finding Comfort in “Comfort Foods”

September 23, 2013

It has been a long day at the office and while you drive home you might be the type where nothing sounds better than a greasy burger, fries and a soda. Maybe you want to get home and dig into your hidden stash of donuts or takeout. Heart ache? We’ve all been guilty of reaching for a rich decadent chocolate cake to relieve our emotions. It seems that the items that are rather messy or “not the best for you” are the items we want most when we need a break.

These are called comfort foods. Life can be full of challenging situations that charge your emotions and make you try to find comfort in foods. Comfort foods seem to relieve the pains and aches a rough day here and there.

Comfort foods don’t always have to be associated with a bad day though. You may have a day full of excitement and a good greasy pizza pledges to extend the joyfulness of the day. Comfort foods often offer nostalgic or sentimental feeling to those eating them. These foods are prepared easily and are flavorful, which is why a good number of people tend to reach for them whenever they feel down.

The phrase “comfort food” first came about as people noticed that certain delectables increased emotions or relieved negative thoughts by boosting positive emotions. Stereotypical thoughts of what comfort foods are seem to be pretty accurate. The most common comfort food we normally reach for in times of sorrow range from ice cream to
chocolate, pizza, chips and fries.

Believe it or not, there’s actually scientific reasons why people crave these type of foods for comfort. Some suggest that these types of foods improve our mood because of the fatty acids contained in the foods. Go figure. Something bad makes us feel good.

Whether you take comfort foods as a rare luxury or you dive into these delicious foods more often than you want to admit, we won’t tell anyone. Comfort foods boost our spirits too. Until next time, tie on your favorite Flirty Apron and dig in.

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