Celebrating Anniversaries

October 21, 2012

People are fond of commemorating different events in their lives. We enjoy celebrating holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other special events that have graced us. Regularly celebrating these events is our way of showing the significance of these days in our lives.

One of the special days that people regularly celebrate is an anniversary. The most common anniversary is a wedding anniversary. The day you marry and promise your significant other your love for eternity is a day to remember and celebrate for your found happiness.

Many consider it important to celebrate all events independent of other events. Before you set your wedding date, check all other dates that are special to each of you. See if there are close relatives celebrating their birthday on your chosen day. As obvious as it may sound, also check that the tentative date does not fall on a holiday. Many are considerate to avoid having their wedding anniversary fall on birthdays of the other person or any major holidays like Halloween, 4th of July or Thanksgiving. Having an anniversary day that shares the day with any other event may take away from the importance of either event.

Whether you plan on celebrating anniversaries lavishly with gifts, or modestly just relaxing, plan your wedding, and subsequently your anniversary, on a day that will allow you to fully celebrate the love you share with your significant other.

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