Cookies and Christmas, Two Peas in a Pod

December 5, 2013

Cookies and Christmas just go together, right? It is a cookie that can make any day just that much better. It is a cookie that can warm the soul’s insides when it’s cold outside. The shape, taste, and look of a cookie is what truly warms a person’s heart. Christmas time allows us to be just that much more creative with our confectionery. A cookie in the shape of a snowman, or sugar cookies of Santa infects people with a sense of holiday spirit.

Obviously, the taste of a cookie has a lot to do with our love for them. Biting into a rich, creamy, and chewy cookie brings people back to mindset of being children and spending time in the kitchen with their family. This kind of cookie would warm any person. Cookies truly are the perfect compliment during “the season to be merry.” The best Christmas time cookies are those that bring back a flood of memories simply from their smell. It may sound silly, but sweet kitchen concoctions can brighten the day of most anyone simply by smelling the beautiful fragrance of the cookie, even before they take a bite into it.

Next time you find yourself ready to whip up a batch of goodies for your loved ones during the holidays, keep it clean and tie on your favorite Flirty Apron. Don’t forget to send us some of your delicious treats too!

Swimwear ideas for women

April 9, 2013

Woot! The last of Winter is behind us and Spring is progressing into warmer days. Summer will be here in no time. What better time to start breaking out the swimsuits and getting ready for swimming weather?

This year has been fun to watch as the fashions develop. There’s been a surge in “old-fashioned” designs. Just like our classic aprons have a timeless appeal, so do some of the re-emerging fashions. Other fun fashions have been symmetrical designs and flowery prints. With such a wide range of designs, from classic to bright and colorful, this swimsuit season is sure to offer styles for everyone.

Just like aprons are the perfect compliment to your wardrobe when in the kitchen, swimsuits have fun add-ons for the warm water too. Don’t forget a swim cap if you want to keep your lovely locks dry. Bring your favorite flip-flops, sunglasses, and sunscreen, and throw it in your favorite beach tote. Don’t forget to find a fashionable tote even. The fashion fun never ends with summer. We love it.

Whatever your style or body type, the most important thing is to feel comfortable in your own skin and have fun this summer. Keep an eye out for fun summer deals from Flirty Aprons, and we’ll see you in the sun!

Creating Christmas Rules For Kids

December 9, 2012

When Christmas break comes, children are glad because they can now have a break from their studies. Kids rejoice with winter break, they start relaxing and enjoy the time off with friends and family. Being a parent, you’re excited to spend more time with your kids as well. However, what do you do at home for weeks to keeps the kiddos from going stir-crazy? How do you keep the house clean as they tornado through room to room?

This is a good opportunity for parents to set some ground rules when their kids are back at home. While it is important to establish responsibility, it is equally important to make sure that the rules don’t spoil the fun for kids while they are out from school. Whatever rules that a parent may be considering for their kids, openly discuss it with the children. By doing so, parents and their kids can agree on certain things that will make sure that they don’t spoil the fun during the season, all while remaining productive. You don’t have to only schedule responsibilities. Schedule fun, family time too. The rules that are to be laid out for the family should not restrict fun time, but only facilitate a happy home during this recess from school.

Favorite Hot Chocolate Recipes

December 2, 2012

Almost everyone loves a good cup of hot chocolate; especially during cold weather. Aside from the traditional joys of sipping hot chocolate and gaining an inner warmth, there are many unique recipes for hot chocolate.

Although hot chocolate mixes that are readily bought in stores are delicious, people just love the taste of home-made hot chocolate. Home made hot chocolate is often made with chopped or shaved chocolate bars. It has frequently been said that once you have tried home-made hot chocolate, you will never go back to the instant mixes. Here are a few types of hot chocolate that people can try for a little change of pace. While these vary in some aspects, the same hot chocolate goodness still captures the taste of everyone who gets a sip.

Those who want to have their hot chocolate rich and creamy can add a pinch of salt, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, some condensed milk and your favorite amount of yummy chocolate goodness.

There are also hot chocolate recipes for those who want their hot chocolate with a hint of spiciness. All you have to do is add a pinch of cinnamon and some chili powder. This will surely warm up your day.

Hot chocolate doesn’t have to be dark. You can also enjoy hot chocolate using white chocolate. You can also make the white hot chocolate spicy too. Just add cayenne pepper and ground cinnamon to spice things up for a fresh, unique spin on hot chocolate.

For years, hot chocolate has become a favorite beverage of most people all over the world. As time rolls on, people continue to evolve the options and possible combinations with hot chocolate. Whatever version of hot chocolate is to your liking, enjoy sipping on this winter favorite and share it with someone you love.

Preparing For Winter

November 25, 2012

During the winter months, people can expect snow storms to occur. This unpredictable weather can keep you boxed in your home when it hits. For people who are living in places where snow storms are common, it is important to always be prepared. So grab your favorite Flirty Apron and bundle up for some at-home resourcefulness.

Before the winter season arrives, it is a good idea to get a head start in preparing for the upcoming snow storms. If you plan on regularly commuting in the snow, make sure to keep your gas tank full, throw some blankets and emergency supplies in the trunk in case you get stuck in the snow. Emergency kits should contain some ready-to-eat food such as energy bars. Also, have a working flashlight and extra batteries in the kit. Since no one can tell exactly when snow storms will hit, it is important that you are proactive in preparing, because if you are reactive it is already too late.

Don’t forget about preparing at home too. Make sure that you have the right kind of supplies prepared. Always have food, water and some tools that can help you in cases of emergency situations during a snow storm. Since there might be some power or water shortage, keep a good amount of drinkable water and some candles and matches. You can never anticipate when you might need them.

These are just some of the ideas that can help you prepare for snow storms during the winter season. You can find more preparation suggestions online. Prepare early, and prepare fashionably with a Flirty Apron.

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