How to be a gracious party host

July 26, 2013

Whether it is a formalized dinner with family or a casual supper with with an old friend, we all love to come together every once in a while to catch up with friends and family. A gracious host is one who invests time for building relationships with family and friends during these get togethers. A great host is one who is generous and ready to serve guests. For you to host a great party that is worthwhile, it is important to do some organization, legwork and proper planning. Grab your favorite Flirty Apron and let’s review some easy ways to ensure a great party results. Here are some brief tips on how to be a gracious host and host a great party!

It is important for your guests to feel comfortable. As the party or event approaches, reach out to your guests. Making personal calls to guests makes them feel welcome, as you express your excitedeness for their arrival. Make confirmations on the time they will be arriving and details of the occasion. Inform them of any specifics that you may have in store for the evening

Involve everyone in your party, but allow them a bit of independence. Provide enough entertainment to encourage mingling and interactions, but giving your visitors enough space to breathe is crucial. Also, make it easier for your guests to assist themselves by showing them around the place. Let everyone know where the refreshments are, leave out some pitchers of water, show everyone where the restroom is, etc.

Accommodating your guests is what will determine if they enjoy themselves. Don’t forget though, it is essential to spare some time for yourself. While the goal of a gracious party host is to ensure comfortable guests, you have to make sure you’re comfortable too. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Afterall, friends and family love you as-is. A happy host is a happy party.

New Year’s Party Ideas

December 30, 2012

One of the most anticipated parties that people want to attend is a party for the New Year. The celebration is mainly to welcome good things to come for the New Year by ushering it in with a bang. All around the world, people celebrate the New Year in different ways and parties are one of them. Almost everyone in all walks of life have their own ways on how to prepare their New Year’s parties.

There are many ways people can have their parties during the New Year. Whether the party is held in the office, at home, or in a large venue, people usually enjoy dressing up and looking their best for this occasion. People believe that welcoming the year with a positive mentality will usher in good things to happen to throughout the year. Others may not be so superstitious, but the important thing is to welcome the New Year as something to be thankful for.

Parties during the New Year can follow a theme or be casual. Either way, this event is a time to spend with friends and family and to feel good with ones you love while welcoming the incoming year. If there is enough space in the party, people enjoy live music and dancing.

Of course, if there is a celebration, it is always enjoyable with great food. People love good food shared with important people in their lives while anticipating the New Year. As the countdown nears to a close, you can enjoy the typical glasses of champagne and make a toast. However you spend your New Year’s party, make it a point to surround yourself with good company.

Simple Election Day Parties Ideas

November 4, 2012

Election Day is an important day. For most, this day may bring usual hours at work, and possibly long lines at the polls. A nice way to unwind at the end of the day is great food and party ideas for a casual get-together. Use your creativity and resourcefulness to come up with party and gift ideas so that you can share Election Day celebrations with friends and family.

A celebration is not complete without good food. Throw on your favorite apron and start preparing your favorites dishes and food options to share with your loved ones. Many get-togethers like this can benefit from the simplicity of a pot-luck since people will be coming in and out during your Election Day parties. If you want to go really casual, you can never go wrong with pizza. Your favorite local pizzeria or store often has ready-to-eat or take-and-bake pizzas of your choice. Don’t forget the sweets. Throw in some cookies or brownies for the kids… and adults too. :)

While you wait for the results of the election and gather around the couch watching the television, people love enjoying basic munchies. Make sure to keep chips and salsa, pretzels or other snacks available throughout the night. Red and blue napkins can be placed near the munchies for a nice touch of patriotism. You can continue the patriotic tone with other color selections throughout your party, placing streamers throughout the house, etc.

Don’t forget the reason of the celebration. Remember the great freedoms that we enjoy. Remember the love you share with friends and family. This is a party. Have fun and let loose as your celebrate America.

Celebrating Anniversaries

October 21, 2012

People are fond of commemorating different events in their lives. We enjoy celebrating holidays, birthdays, graduations, and other special events that have graced us. Regularly celebrating these events is our way of showing the significance of these days in our lives.

One of the special days that people regularly celebrate is an anniversary. The most common anniversary is a wedding anniversary. The day you marry and promise your significant other your love for eternity is a day to remember and celebrate for your found happiness.

Many consider it important to celebrate all events independent of other events. Before you set your wedding date, check all other dates that are special to each of you. See if there are close relatives celebrating their birthday on your chosen day. As obvious as it may sound, also check that the tentative date does not fall on a holiday. Many are considerate to avoid having their wedding anniversary fall on birthdays of the other person or any major holidays like Halloween, 4th of July or Thanksgiving. Having an anniversary day that shares the day with any other event may take away from the importance of either event.

Whether you plan on celebrating anniversaries lavishly with gifts, or modestly just relaxing, plan your wedding, and subsequently your anniversary, on a day that will allow you to fully celebrate the love you share with your significant other.

NFL Football Tailgating Necessities

September 30, 2012

NFL football tailgating never fails to bring out fun and enjoyment to many people in the United States during the NFL season. Just the idea of having all your family and friends with good food (hopefully with a great team to root for too) can already explain why a tailgating party is always fun.

A celebration or gathering like this can be more fun if you have the right kind of necessities with you. These necessities include food, beverage, utensils and loads of fun. With the right things with you, being focused on having fun and enjoying the moment will not be spoiled.

But when you prepare and buy the some of these necessities, you might end up just settling for what you currently have and never mind having other things. Here are some things that are not expensive yet important for you to have during NFL football tailgate parties.

  1. Get one of those Grill-O-Sheets. There will always be grilling and barbeque when in these tailgate parties. These sheets will ensure that you don’t have to worry of your food going to places and falling on the ground.
  2. Dependable Flirty Apron aprons. Grilling can be messy with all the stains. Wearing a grilling apron will ensure that you don’t get those stains on your jersey or shirts.

There are other affordable things that you will surely need when you are in an NFL football tailgate party. Your family and friends will surely love you more for being able to prepare for the event. The party will then be more fun and exciting (especially if your team wins).

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