How to be a gracious party host

July 26, 2013

Whether it is a formalized dinner with family or a casual supper with with an old friend, we all love to come together every once in a while to catch up with friends and family. A gracious host is one who invests time for building relationships with family and friends during these get togethers. A great host is one who is generous and ready to serve guests. For you to host a great party that is worthwhile, it is important to do some organization, legwork and proper planning. Grab your favorite Flirty Apron and let’s review some easy ways to ensure a great party results. Here are some brief tips on how to be a gracious host and host a great party!

It is important for your guests to feel comfortable. As the party or event approaches, reach out to your guests. Making personal calls to guests makes them feel welcome, as you express your excitedeness for their arrival. Make confirmations on the time they will be arriving and details of the occasion. Inform them of any specifics that you may have in store for the evening

Involve everyone in your party, but allow them a bit of independence. Provide enough entertainment to encourage mingling and interactions, but giving your visitors enough space to breathe is crucial. Also, make it easier for your guests to assist themselves by showing them around the place. Let everyone know where the refreshments are, leave out some pitchers of water, show everyone where the restroom is, etc.

Accommodating your guests is what will determine if they enjoy themselves. Don’t forget though, it is essential to spare some time for yourself. While the goal of a gracious party host is to ensure comfortable guests, you have to make sure you’re comfortable too. Don’t overwhelm yourself. Afterall, friends and family love you as-is. A happy host is a happy party.

Mother’s Day gift ideas

April 23, 2013

Many say that the home is where the heart is.  Another popular phrase is “If momma’ ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  Make your mom happy this Mother’s Day with a Flirty Apron.  Not only do our aprons make affordable Mother’s Day gift ideas but, they’re extremely useful around the house.  Your mom has probably had her fair share of cookware, utensils, or unusual gadgets for Mother’s Day gifts.  Get her something she can use on a daily basis and will last, a Flirty Apron.

Sometimes mom just wants a lazy cleaning day without being bothered.  That doesn’t mean she can’t still look super cute though. For example, take one of our damask aprons on a casual day.  This classic floral design is quality made for easy wearing. It even has a pocket to carry cleaning accessories, dusters, cleaning rags or, simply your cell phone to keep it within reach.

All Flirty Aprons are designed adjusting ties at the midriff for a perfect apt around all waist sizes. The damask patterns add the perfect touch of style.  Functional design and stylish, these damask aprons are available in red or black damask.  This look can be worn by anyone, as the design bridges the gap between classic and modern style.  You may possibly have just found the best Mother’s Day gift idea around.

After Christmas Sales

December 23, 2012

People who love finding great deals and huge sales don’t need to stop looking for bargains after the Christmas season. There is still one huge sale to look forward to—the “After Christmas Sale.” After the Christmas celebrations come to a close, retailers are looking to unload any excess inventory and shoppers can once again take advantage of bargains and great discounts. Many people shop for the following Christmas season a full year ahead by setting aside a few dollars to spend after Christmas has come to a close. Many “blowout” sales that retailers offer are intended to get rid of their inventory at the lowest profitable point possible so they can sell all of their units. This means that you can often find great deals at 90% off regular price.

People can find great discounts with different items, including holiday specific items that you can save for next year’s use. Those who are planning to change their Christmas decorations for the next Christmas season can start buying them as early as now while the prices are ridiculously low after Christmas. Winter clothes and seasonal home décor are also some of the items that shoppers can find with great, low prices. This is the best time to buy your family new winter clothes. You will not find these discounts during the other months of the year.

This once-a-year sale usually only lasts for about a week, so prepare yourself for big savings. You will find a lot of great gift ideas for very low prices.

Christmas Gifts

December 16, 2012

Christmas is a favorite holiday for many. Sure, people may have their own take on how Christmas should be celebrated and what significance it represents. However, we can all agree that this cherished season should be spent with ones you love.

Since just about everyone enjoys gift giving, many become concerned about what type of gifts are appropriate or would be appreciated by the people close to them. No matter how many gift ideas there are during the holidays, it can still be difficult to find that perfect gift for those close to you. When looking for the right gift for loved ones, people can either go for the meaning the gift would bring to the recipient, or the personal touch that the gift comes with. Flirty Aprons offer the best of both worlds. Our women’s aprons offer a unique, yet personal gift idea for a loved mother, wife, sister, etc.

Don’t let the various options of gift ideas stress you out. Creating or shopping for a gift should be as fun as giving the gift. Spend more time thinking about a gift that has meaning for the recipient, than the dollar value of the gift. People will remember a personal, heart-felt gift more than simply an expensive gift.

While it is fun to enjoy the spirit of giving while celebrating Christmas, don’t forget the true meaning of this season… loving those around you.

Thanksgiving Gift Ideas

November 11, 2012

People think of Thanksgiving as a time when people can be together with their loved ones and celebrate the holiday with great food. Being together and giving thanks for all that can be cherished in life, friends, family, etc. is the main reasons why Thanksgiving is celebrated.

During this celebration, many enjoy thinking Thanksgiving gift ideas that they can give to loved ones to show how much they are appreciated. But with the many gifts that people can give nowadays, thinking of gift ideas that are perfect for Thanksgiving, or any other occasion, can be very confusing. Here are some gift ideas for Thanksgiving to get you started.

  1. Gift baskets are very versatile. You can give Thanksgiving baskets to your family and friends to show them that you care. There are many kinds of gift baskets during Thanksgiving and they contain different goodies that vary diversely enough that you should be able to find the perfect combination for just about any person.

  2. Flowers are also a good gift ideas to consider. You can visit a flower shop and check out the different flowers and promos they have for flower arrangements. Depending on whom the flowers are for, you can buy different types to reflect the appropriate kind of appreciation.

  3. You may also visit crafts shops and novelty item shops for a Thanksgiving gift. Many craft stores have pre-made holiday gifts, or kits that you can take home to make on your own. These kits serve a double purpose; a gift and an opportunity to spend time with someone as you assemble the gift.

Other gift ideas for Thanksgiving can be found while you’re searching online. Searching online can give you a diverse selection of gift idea considerations. No matter what angle you take in deciding what to consider for a Thanksgiving gift, it is important to focus more on the meaning and understanding of what you’re trying to express, than the price of the gift itself.

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