Quick Hairstyles, Lasting Beauty

June 2, 2013

We all strive to keep our hair looking healthy and stylish. There are so many ever-changing hairstyles that sometimes it is hard to keep up with the trends. Especially for those of us that are busy moms and short-on-time business women. Here are some fairly casual, cute quick and easy hairstyles!

Tied in Knots

When you want to appear elegant, top knots are often brilliant. Formal or casual, this look works well for all. Top knots are easy and also quick to do, with a striking overall effect. Clip in hair extensions can give you extra length if you need a little extra fullness to accomplish this look.

Braiding Away

Braids are timeless and feminine. Take a classic braid and start on the side for a little extra style without taking up a lot of time. If you need a real quick fix, you can never go wrong with braiding your hair into a traditional ponytail.

Half and Half Style

Half up and half down hairstyles look fantastic. A soft touch can be achieved by placing a few strands around your face. Half and half styles are perfect for any occasion, formal or casual.

What’s your favorite quick hairdo secret?

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