Family Fun for Mom, Daughter, and Dad

April 4, 2013

Aprons are not only cute for Mom, but now dads and daughters can join in the fashion fun.  We all know that daughters love to act like the mothers that they are proud of.  When mom is being the awesome mom that she is, whether that is making crafts, cooking, etc., little girls like to pretend that they’re doing the same.  If it happens that mom is cooking, then having the little one “help” isn’t always necessarily helpful.  Mom and daughter bonding is fun but, if it’s over cooking, it can be messy.  Simple solution?  Cute kids aprons from Flirty Aprons!  Not only do our girl’s aprons help prevent little miss from staining her cute clothes but, mom and daughter can be fashionistas in matching aprons.

What about dad?  Dad’s like to stay clean too.  Is it possible to “be a man’s man” and keep clean at the same time though?  With our men’s aprons, you bet it is.  While dad may not prefer such a fashion forward apron as our stylish women’s aprons, they can still get in a good laugh with our funny comments on our popular guy’s aprons.  From sayings like “I like big buns” for grilling burgers to “my grill is hotter than yours,” dad can’t go wrong.

Now that the temperature is warming up, get a jump on our seasonal pricing.  Mom, daughter, and dad can get in some fun family time, all while staying clean.

Christmas Gifts

December 16, 2012

Christmas is a favorite holiday for many. Sure, people may have their own take on how Christmas should be celebrated and what significance it represents. However, we can all agree that this cherished season should be spent with ones you love.

Since just about everyone enjoys gift giving, many become concerned about what type of gifts are appropriate or would be appreciated by the people close to them. No matter how many gift ideas there are during the holidays, it can still be difficult to find that perfect gift for those close to you. When looking for the right gift for loved ones, people can either go for the meaning the gift would bring to the recipient, or the personal touch that the gift comes with. Flirty Aprons offer the best of both worlds. Our women’s aprons offer a unique, yet personal gift idea for a loved mother, wife, sister, etc.

Don’t let the various options of gift ideas stress you out. Creating or shopping for a gift should be as fun as giving the gift. Spend more time thinking about a gift that has meaning for the recipient, than the dollar value of the gift. People will remember a personal, heart-felt gift more than simply an expensive gift.

While it is fun to enjoy the spirit of giving while celebrating Christmas, don’t forget the true meaning of this season… loving those around you.

Creating Christmas Rules For Kids

December 9, 2012

When Christmas break comes, children are glad because they can now have a break from their studies. Kids rejoice with winter break, they start relaxing and enjoy the time off with friends and family. Being a parent, you’re excited to spend more time with your kids as well. However, what do you do at home for weeks to keeps the kiddos from going stir-crazy? How do you keep the house clean as they tornado through room to room?

This is a good opportunity for parents to set some ground rules when their kids are back at home. While it is important to establish responsibility, it is equally important to make sure that the rules don’t spoil the fun for kids while they are out from school. Whatever rules that a parent may be considering for their kids, openly discuss it with the children. By doing so, parents and their kids can agree on certain things that will make sure that they don’t spoil the fun during the season, all while remaining productive. You don’t have to only schedule responsibilities. Schedule fun, family time too. The rules that are to be laid out for the family should not restrict fun time, but only facilitate a happy home during this recess from school.

Preparing For Winter

November 25, 2012

During the winter months, people can expect snow storms to occur. This unpredictable weather can keep you boxed in your home when it hits. For people who are living in places where snow storms are common, it is important to always be prepared. So grab your favorite Flirty Apron and bundle up for some at-home resourcefulness.

Before the winter season arrives, it is a good idea to get a head start in preparing for the upcoming snow storms. If you plan on regularly commuting in the snow, make sure to keep your gas tank full, throw some blankets and emergency supplies in the trunk in case you get stuck in the snow. Emergency kits should contain some ready-to-eat food such as energy bars. Also, have a working flashlight and extra batteries in the kit. Since no one can tell exactly when snow storms will hit, it is important that you are proactive in preparing, because if you are reactive it is already too late.

Don’t forget about preparing at home too. Make sure that you have the right kind of supplies prepared. Always have food, water and some tools that can help you in cases of emergency situations during a snow storm. Since there might be some power or water shortage, keep a good amount of drinkable water and some candles and matches. You can never anticipate when you might need them.

These are just some of the ideas that can help you prepare for snow storms during the winter season. You can find more preparation suggestions online. Prepare early, and prepare fashionably with a Flirty Apron.

Cyber Monday and Black Friday

November 18, 2012

You must have heard about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. No? Well then, let us try to find out what these days are all about and what makes people so excited about them.

Black Friday is the traditional start of the holiday shopping season. Prepare for large numbers of people going to shopping centers, because retailers announce many of their biggest sales of the year at this time. It is called “Black Friday” because this shopping date falls on the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving. It is usually the biggest shopping day of the year. With some many consumers eager to start shopping, many retailers open their stores as early 12:01am to allow customers to take advantage of the sales.

Cyber Monday, on the other hand, is when people would do their shopping online. Cyber Monday is like an extension of the shopping spree that people have started on Black Friday. The e-commerce world realized the huge opportunity to do an online version of Black Friday and have it the Monday that immediately follows Thanksgiving. Similarly, many online retailers have their biggest sales of the year on this day. The online shopping during Cyber Monday is often considered the biggest online shopping day of the year in the United States.

Both Cyber Monday and Black Friday are one in terms of shopping and discounts. Shopping nowadays has widened its scope; instead of the usual shopping done in local stores, people are now spending some of their money shopping online. With the efforts of making every online shopping experience be as secure and convenient as possible, many people are now seeing the benefits in doing their shopping online. You can often get the same deals online on Cyber Monday as you could in person with Black Friday, but without the long lines and shopping madness.

This shopping spree’s that occur on these days have already become a tradition in the U.S. and will continue to grow as technology continues to introduce more ways to make the shopping experience more enjoyable for everyone. Don’t forget to look for Flirty Apron’s very own Cyber Monday specials.

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