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Jill - Apr 11, 2010

This is a very cute apron. I didn't know if I would like something like this until I tried it. It's stylish and pretty. It's made very well, and you can reverse it if you don't mind not having pockets. Very bright colors! If you know someone who likes wearing aprons at all times, then this is a great gift. It comes packaged well. They have enough colors to find something that matches their kitchen decor! Very feminine, not your everyday apron! This would look cute for a quaint restaurant's kitchen employee's uniform. I think it would be very different!


Amber - Sep 16, 2009

Love this apron, in fact I am buying another one. It fits perfect on my petite frame. Since I am under 5ft, and the waist ribbons are long, I asked my mom, she said thats why they are so long so they can either double around and tie in front, or leave as a big bow in the back.Anyway- love retro style (but not over the top gaudy) and ya know, nothing makes the imagination run the gammit then wearing retro clothes while cleaning the house--- either that or I just married a crazy Navy man! that thinks retro is sexy!


Carol - Aug 27, 2009

Its was really nice when i recieve this , the only thing is tire too long in the back , i had to cut them sort

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